Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Little dusty round these parts!

Wow! I've been quite around these parts, haven't I? It's OK, it was me, not you!

Lot's and Lot's of stories to tell!

First up, the Story of Herman.

My In-laws have always had good timing, but they really out did themselves this time! You see. Every summer, they invite my niece S down for a week, and take my three boys for the week, and just spend the entire time, hanging out, doing kid related things with them. It's awesome for the parents, its great for the kids to spend quality time with Nana and Papa, and this time, it's been a life saver, an absolute miracle, that they planned their week with the kids for this week.

You see. My father had four heart attacks Saturday Morning, and instead of trying to lose my head finding a place for the kids, I was free to run to my fathers side!

I' was chatting with my inlaws last night and they told me about Herman. Herman came to the Pool with a Rash Guard shirt on that was designed to look like a tuxedo shirt, neon green swim trunks and a baseball cap. He was around my eldest sons age, and that was enough for Parker to go up to him and ask him to play.

Parker has a quirk. If he has not heard a word before, obviously he doesn't understand it, and will substitute another word in its place with no qualms. That quirk came in handy back when he was a LOT younger and we had been listening to a song that has the word "sex" in it. Parker did not recognize the word "Sex" as an actual word, and while singing the song, replaced it with "stuff".

So Parker walks up to Herman, and introduces himself and Herman resonds in the same manner, telling Parker his name is Herman and of course he would like to play with him!

My mother in law said Parker cocked his head to the side, but began to play. A few minutes later, Parker stopped and said" What was your name again?" To which the boy replied "Herman". She told me "Parker was quiet for a second. You could tell he was tring to make sense of what the boy had said, but no matter how he turned it in his head, "Herman" was just not a word he could process.

So Parker asked "Can I just call you Steven?"

And today, when my mother in law took the boys and my niece back to the pool to play, Herman was there, and when Parker yelled "Steven! Come play" He came immediately and the two boys played the whole afternoon, with my mother in law giggling every time she caught Parker saying "Steven".

The end.

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