Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Need a keeper!

I'm Late! I'm late! I'm late for a very important date! ~The White Rabbit

Oye. I'm late. Always, it seems. Or at least lately! I used to pride myself on never being late, always early - at the very least - on time, but the past week, or three, all I have been doing is running behind schedule!

And you know? I've been watching this past week. keeping tabs on myself, trying to see why these past few weeks have been so different than any others, and i notice that I'm Procrastinating! For example, I need to leave my house at the very latest, 2:50 PM to get to the school in time to pick up my youngest boy. Instead of making sure I have gone to the washroom, had a drink and grabbed my keys by 2:50, I've been sitting at the computer, reading things that have nothing to do with getting to the school, things like blogs and phenphedrine review and movie reviews!

That annoys me to no end. I hate being late, yet I lack the gumption, the get up and go to change it!

Another example/ I head to bed every night at midnight. It's nearly midnight now. I should be taking the dogs out for their nightly constitutional, or feeding the fish. I could be washing my face and brushing my teeth, but instead, I am typing away at my blog, telling y'all how I hate to be late when the very act of sitting here, typing is making me late!


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