Saturday, June 06, 2009

Day Three

Today was my third day taking Chantix (Champix in Canada). So far I haven;t had any side effects - that I've noticed. Maybe the increased gas output, but, I might just be hyper-aware of each "fluff" because I know it is a known side effect and am watching for them all.

Tomorrow is the big test. The first three days on Champix I take a half dose pill in the morning, on the fourth day I start taking a half pill in the morning AND one at night. I am hoping like crazy that the no side effects thing continues.

Going tot he clinic to get my prescription for Champix was only my second time there, I had gone three days before to have a mini physical. I'm having girly issues and was very impressed with my experience with the doctor there. So impressed that I was willing to make an appointment to go back just three days later and ask for the prescription to Champix.

Getting the prescription filled was the first time I had gone to the new Pharmacy in town. I have to say I was very VERY impressed. They had everything from prescriptions to stuffed animals, a make-up section, a row for for acne treatments and one for Feminine products, first aid supplies and even some snack foods!

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