Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm so SAD, but everyone expects me to be HAPPY

What I am about to tell you....well... I would rather go with a group of perky twenty year old cheerleaders with tight bums and flat stomachs to try on women's lingerie in a communal dressing room than have to tell you it.

My baby, Logan. He is four. FOUR. Today after lunch I sent him outside to play with a ring pop type sucker. (It was a soccer ball shaped one, not a gem shaped one, but I cannot find any pictures of it.) A few minutes after I sent him outside with it, he and his best friend K, who lives next door to us came rushing inside.

"Logan's mouth is bleeding! He broked his toof!" K told me. Since Blake had so recently chipped a tooth I got worried right away and made Logan open big so I could see. Logan had tried to bite the sucker, which is a really HARD candy, and his tooth was indeed bleeding. But worse. Way worse, was the ADULT tooth poking up through his gums underneath the bleeding tooth.

And since his tooth was barely in there, I asked him if I could take it out. As sad as I was, I did not want him to lose his first tooth at school, away from me. (School starts for Logan at 12:30, this all took place at 12pm. I feed him lunch at 11 to make sure he is done without having to rush through it)

He said "It might hurt", and I told him, "Yup, it might, but just a little". Then he said "OK. You can take it out." and I did.

(You can't really tell, but he is holding his tiny baby tooth in his fingers in the picture)


Kids are supposed to lose their teeth between five and six years of age, NOT four. And if you remind me that he will be five in one month less a day I will slap you through the interwebs! And if you point out that he began getting his teeth at two moths of age, I will KICK then SLAP you through the interwebs!

Please. Don't tell me to be happy, or excited for him. As far as he thinks, I am the proudest most happiest mom, and think he is super amazing because he lost his baby tooth. The kid is walking around with his mouth wide open so everyone can see, and when we got to school he was shoving his open mouth into all the kids faces telling them what he did.

So yeah. For his sake, I am pretending to be excited. He is so proud of himself that I will not let my sadness ruin it for him.

But you know what? When I tell you face to face, adult to adult, that I am sad about it, don't giggle and say, its so exciting, so neat he lost it this early! When I go on Twitter and pout about it, don't tell me to "buck up princess".

I KNOW it was going to happen eventually. I KNOW it is silly for me to be this sad about it, BUT that does NOT make my feelings on the matter any less valid.

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