Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Things a Mom Worries about

This is absolutely NOT a full list. Were I to list fully the things I worry about, I would fill up the entire internet and then some.

I worry a lot about the foods my kids eat. I try my best to make sure they are eating a wide variety of foods, and a healthy assortment of those foods, but it seems that no matter how good I try to feed them I run into problems. Sometimes it is a simple matter of my children not liking the food, other times I switch to product B, from Product A becuase of news reports only to find out that I should have been serving Product C!

I worry about weather a lot. And I mean a LOT. Right now it is cold, cloudy and wet, but soon enough the hot temperatures will come. Then I get to worry about Skin Cancer from the sun, and storms. Storms are a big worry for me. If there is lightning, I cannot sleep. I lay awake, watching the weather channel on mute, reading the alerts on the bottom, ready to grab my boys and run for the basement as soon as the station reports a tornado. Want to know how many tornadoes have hit a town we've lived in, in the ten years that I have been a mom? NONE. and yet, I still stay awake, too scared to sleep.

I worry about the school the boys attend. It is an older school, (although not as old as some of the schools in our district) and it seems that every time I walk the halls to pick up my boys from their respective classes, there is at least one ladder up to the roof, ceiling tiles pulled aside for work to be done. I worry it could be asbestos (Asbestos causes mesothelioma). I know that the chances of that are very slim and that it is most likely a roof leak - especially as the school has been accepting bids for a new root this year. I worry that the teachers won't be able to teach the boys all they need to know academically. I worry about guns, and bullies and girls and ...

I worry about people on the streets taking my children. I worry about them every time they get on their bike, that they may fall. I worry that the trampoline is a cleverly disguised death trap, I WORRY.

I never used to worry. Not until I became a mother.

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