Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"But it saves Time"

That's what my husband always says when we go through the self check out at the grocery store.

I disagree.

Both the self check out and the manned check out counter have the same barcode scanner thing-a-ma-do-dad, but the self check out lane also has this scale thing. If the food (or what have you) is moved too slowly or to quickly or even JUST RIGHT, the whole thing shuts down and we then have to wait for a cashier to come figure out why the machine is having a hissy fit.

(and don;t even get me started on how my husband bags the freaking groceries! I have bought 937598723895 MILLION of those reusable grocery bags and we bring them ALL in when we go grocery shopping. there is NO excuse for putting bananas with shampoo and toilet bowl cleaner, canned goods on top of eggs. NONE)

Every time we go shopping we end up having the same argument. he want's to use the self check out, I want to go through a manned line, and every time, he gets a stubborn look on his face, I can almost SEE his little foot stomping like a two year old, and we go through the self check out. I then have to re-bag every single thing he tries to pack, and place them in the cart while he is arguing with the cashier who has come to unfreeze the machine that he "was doing it right and the machine must be broken".

Hubs has suggested we time it. One week go through the self, one week, go through the manned. It's obvious to me this won't work becuase we don't buy the same things or amount of things each time, and even if it DID save time, the manned line saves my SANITY and whats time when a mind is at stake?

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