Saturday, May 23, 2009

The New Car

Recently, my in-laws traveled to Alberta to purchase a NewUsed car, a Ford Focus. My inlaws like to keep two cars at all times so that they are never stuck at home if they need to be somewhere.

Case in point, my father in law just got home last week from a week long trip up north hunting bear. While he was gone, My Mother in law used the new Focus to go out with her sister a few times, as well as taking my boys to and from school.

It's kind of cute how she is acting with the car. It's like she is a teenager again, like her children, her grand kids, worry about hair loss treatment and even the furor over Y2K has never happened.

She literally squealed with glee the first time she showed me her new car!

Actually, I recall MY excitement when I was 17 and my father put-put-puttered into the driveway in a beat up heap he called a car, and handed me the keys.

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