Saturday, May 02, 2009

Dogs who are all bite and no Bark

The pictures you see was taken for this blog post.

The Westie cupcakes on the cover are my project for tonight/tomorrow morning. My dad's birthday is today (May second) and we are heading down to help him celebrate tomorrow.

I've already got the cupcakes made, and cooling on the counter. For this recipe, you need to make regular size cupcakes and small mini cupcakes. I was going to make them up entirely tonight but have now decided to wait to decorate them until the morning seeing as the nose and ears are marshmallow. the very last thing I want is to bite into a cupcake as nummy and diet pill inducing as this and fine rock hard, stale marshmallows in my mouth!

I sure hope they turn out OK, and will be sure to post pictures after they are done!

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