Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Has a Hungry

Check this out :

Looks pretty nummy, right?

Well, I wouldn't know about that! At two thirty we were called into the Pirate room at the Fun Factory. We are here celebrating my seven year old son's birthday, I was busy taking pictures as the "helper" passed out plates and cupcakes and so I got NONE. My eldest ate three of them, so I assume he found them to be tasty, but holy hell! I'm STARVING. Right about now I could use an appetite suppressant! My whole body is shaking from hunger and I am starting to get a headache.

I'm seriously considering paying 5.95 for a basket of french fries! or maybe 7.50 for a burger! And a very very very cold glass of water would be awesome too! I chose to wear a long sleeved shirt to the Fun Factory - after all, I'm not int here running and playing, so what could it hurt? WRONG! the joint is absolutely packed right now! I'd hazard that they are very close to full capacity, so it is extremly hot in here!


Hubs just told me that we should think of heading home soon, as it is almost 4PM, and I absolutely agree! Home, a drink of water - a VERY LARGE one, a quick sandwich to tide me over and then an hour long nap. That's my plan anyway.

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