Thursday, April 09, 2009


So, we did our taxes. And by "we did our taxes" what I really mean is "we took them to a professional and let him do our taxes".

We used to file our own, you can pick up ( at least in Canada you can) forms at the post office that detail how to file, it's actually quite easy. Then, on year, hubs sat down and did our taxes and we ended up owing something like 14,000. Which, of course, is NOT right. She he did them again, and again , and AGAIN. each time he got the outrageous owed amount and we gave up.

We took them to a professional. Sure, it cost us 140 dollars to do them, but when the professional did them, we ended up with a refund (it was just big enough to cover the cost of getting them done LOL)

But, anyway. We have been taking our papers to Edmund for about three years now, but going to his company for about six. Edmund gave us the super awesome news that we will be getting a great refund!

Great as in we could go out and buy new living roomfurniture. Or Micah a top of the line laptop. Or a super huge LCD tv. Or go on a kick ass vacation!

We picked vacation. Now, we've gone on vacations before, but our vacation was camping. And yeah, camping is fun, I love it, but it's not really a vacation, you know? This year, this year we are going on a real vacation, and I could not be more excited!!


phinz said...

Yay for you!!! Does "vacation" this year mean that four solid walls, a ceiling, a floor AND a flush toilet will be involved?

Bluepaintred said...

YES!!!! We are hearing to drumheller(the dinasour capital of canada) and then onto Calgary-abig amusement park, ahuge zoo and an hour away from banff.