Friday, April 17, 2009

The one where Life is NOT FAIR

I have three boys. Each of them has their own Nintendo DS Lite. Out of those three boys, My eldest, Parker, takes the best care of his. he has the original stylus for it. he cleans it, gently and thoroughly at least once a week. He does not drop it, he does not leave it laying around - he LOVES it.

And still, this happened :

That Pokemon you see there? That's a DS skin that He saved his own money to buy. True, the DS is well used, he plays it most every day - more than the other boys do, for sure, but its NOT fair that his is the one to break! Blake drops his DS every single day. The screen on his even has a chip out of it! I often pick it up to find it sticky and gross from his dirty hands - yet his works fine.

Poor Parker. He is so upset.

His brothers have both offered unlimited use of their game boys to him, but it isn't the same.

Oh what I would not do for an extra $169 right now so that I could go out and get him a new one. It would be different had he misused the machine, you know? If I saw him tossing it on the counter instead of gently putting it up. If I found it on the floor or if he kept dropping it, but he doesn't!

And he is so so very sad :(

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phinz said...

Poor guy.
Life is NOT fair.
If I had the money, I would send it to you.