Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Odds and Ends

  • Recently we bought a box of Swiffer Wet Cloths, refill. we chose the "Open - Window Scent. I washed the floors today and went outside to have a cigarette while they dried, and when I walked in, the house did NOT smell Open-Window Fresh, instead, it smelt like three day old beer. I've got the doors and windows open, as well as three fans going, but ALL I can smell is stale beer. YUCK!
  • In February our town got a medical clinic. I think it is wonderful. Should the boys fall and break a bone or need stitches, its a two minute drive to the clinic. (vrs. a 40 minute ride to the city hospital) The clinic has a phlebotomy lab, an x-ray as well as three over-night rooms for people who need to be observed. I called to make an appointment this afternoon and they will see me tomorrow at two PM. I'm scared.
  • I'm scared because this is a brand new doctor (a female), and a fresh start for me. I am determined to not let the medical field toss my fears and concerns out the window. I am determined to find out what is wrong with me. However, I am NOT good at standing up for myself. Not at all. The appointment tomorrow is a "lets get your medical history and discuss what issues you want looked at" Ive never had a doctor who wants to actually spend time asking me what my problem is. They all want me out to door ASAP. I am cautiously optimistic, but still, mostly terrified!
  • Yesterday I was laying on the couch in my pajamas with my hair "out to here". I had gone to bed with gel in my hair and so there was no way I could go out without washing my hair. Or shaving it all off. So imagine my reaction when the school called at 9:09 am telling me there was a bike rodeo and my seven year old wanted me to bring his bike and helmet to the school - oh, and be here before 9:30! I yelled to Logan who was just in his underwear "Put some clothes on, I don't care what clothes, grab anything and get dressed!" I washed my hair in the sink, grabbed some clothes and we sped to the school, arriving at 9:24 to sign a permission slip. It was rushed. Very rushed, but the happy smile on Blake's face was worth it!
  • We have a very expensive automated litter box for our cat. The way it is supposed to work is she goes potty and a rake thingy goes in after her, sweeping her mess into a sealed box. We have had the litter box for 18 months now and have yet to find a litter that works for it. I needed paper towel, and had a vague memory of the grocery store in town having a type of litter that is very light weight and kind of like crystals. It was definitely not clay though, and since up to now all we have been using is clay, and the material is too heavy for the rake, I though I would try it. Except, I went down the cat supplies isle and they had only the clay type in stock. I will try and locate it in the big city store next time I go in!

Annnnd. I guess that about brings you up to speed! I will fill you in on how my appointment goes tomorrow evening! Wish me luck!

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