Tuesday, May 05, 2009

On hopes and dreams

Most nights while I lay in my bed waiting for sleep to claim me, I make plans. Some are small. I make plans to work out. I make plans to say NO to the cheezies that call my name round two in the afternoon. Some plans are big. I make plans on how we will dig up the grass in the backyard and lay the patio stones we have still not bought. I make plans about renting a specialized machine to flatten the ground to make the laying of the stones easier.

I make plans, big or small all the time.

Invariably, my plans never come to fruition.

My plans for working out this morning were dashed by the site of a small boy on the couch complaining of a tummy upset, and wanting to watch cartoons while curled up with his puppy. I end up listening to the drone of cartoon voices while dreaming about a quick fix to my tummy - like a Slimquick Cleanse.

My plans for the back yard are still more of a dream than a plan now that i know that the paving stones will cost over 100.00 just for the stones.

It doesn't matter though, becuase when I lay in bed tonight I will still plan and dream and wish and hope, and on the morrow, whether they come to life, or fade into the past, my dream, my hopes, it is what keeps me going.

It is what keeps us all going, I think.

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