Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Mad; Bullet form

SO many things are pissing me off right now. Here are a few:

  1. People who send mass messages on faccebook. Not so much that they send a mass message, but that people are so stupid that they need to hit "Reply All" instead of replying to the person who sent the message. WHY? Why do they do this to me? Not only do I not care, but when its, for example, a call for addresses for Christmas cards, hitting Reply All means you are sending your address to everyone. THINK, people. THINK. And stop annoying me!
  2. My back. And hips. And sacrum. STOP HURTING ME. For the love of all that's chocolate, all I want to be able to do is bend over and put my socks on without crying from the pain.
  3. My hard drives. Seriously. Stop being full. You have zero right to be full. NONE.
  4. Something I can't blog about becuase it involves someone who reads my blog. STOP IT.
  5. Winter. I'm so cold. I can't get warm. And the worst part is that it hasn't even been a bad winter. twice we have had week long stretches of really cold weather, but other them that its been between -10 and -20, which is, trust me, very nice for winter weather.
  6. BONUS HATE: That stupid groundhog.


Bluepaintred said...

Bonus Bonus : Sick kids. Two weeks is much too long for kids to be sick. STOP SHARING! Sharing is NOT good when it comes to germs. and heaven help you three if you get ME sick!

Not a Granny said...

People Reply all to dang email also..I don't really care that they don't like this or that..or can't attend this or that...sigh