Monday, May 28, 2007

Oh My Eyes!

So right now I am blogging outside. One might think that it is wonderful. The kids can play and I can safely keep an eye (and ear) out for them while surfing.


See, First I tried to blog on the driveway. I had my chair and table set up with my coffee and phone, but the glare. Oh My God. The glare!

The screen was completely black from it, there was no way to see, I tried positioning the screen a million different ways in hope that I would suddenly have Some visibility!


So I moved into the garage. I set the table and chairs up. I poured another cup of coffee. I turned off the lights and crossed my fingers.

Obviously I can see somewhat better, but it is rather distracting to see my typing across the reflection of my face! Look! I am typing on my chin!

Hi chin!

Is there some sort of screen cover that gets rid of the glare? My glasses have an anti glare coating, why cant my monitor?


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