Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Spring Time Allergies

Blue Boy Has Asthma. It's not a bad case of it, in the winter, if he gets colds, he is more likely to need his inhaler.

In the spring time it is a different story all together! He really reacts badly to all the little white fuzzy shit flying through the air. Add the dust blowing and we have a problem. In the Spring he will use his inhaler daily.

We are taking him camping again this summer, and since he did not have problems with the campfire smoke last year, I don't expect problems this year. I will be bringing both his inhalers, rescue and daily, just in case.

His doctor had said that he will eventually outgrow his asthma, and that it was likely caused by his intubation and medications during his surgeries.

Wouldn't it be nice to see a cure for some sort of disease sometime during our lives? Asthma, cancer, alzheimer's... anything would be great!

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