Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Remember this?

We will be picking up the burgundy paint for the back wall this Saturday. I figure it will take at least three coats of paint, because I am too lazy to get a red tone undercoat.

I'm so excited to finally be able to start this project!

I think it will take a good amount of time to actually get it all done. The burgundy wall must be crack filled in the scratches the cats made as hyper active evil kittens, and then washed down. then painted, like I said, three coats. After that is dried, the rest of the walls must be crack filled, again from the kittens and one drawer corner I dropped into the wall by accident when I was trying to move something that was too heavy for me to move even thought the Husband told me to wait until he could do it.

Then those three walls must be painted the yellowishy color we haven't picked out yet. That has to dry for... uhm. a long long time, because then I will stencil a billion and six circles on it and try to paint IN THE LINES with the burgundy, pinks and greens and whites, to match this pillow:

So. Who wants to come out and help me?

Pee ess: I will be posting photos of the work as we get it done LOL

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Blogarita said...

Love the mirrors and the pillow, but that's gonna be a lot of tedious work. Too bad they don't make wall paper to match the pillow.

Have fun!