Monday, May 14, 2007

A Lot

"Whats cooler than a box of crayons?"

I keep seeing this every time I go to my blogger dashboard. And with three different blogs, this means I see it an awful lot!

And quite frankly I am sick of it!

Whats cooler than a box of crayons?

How about:

Scented Markers - those rock. their only draw back is that your nose ends up looking like a rainbow after four minutes of sniffing. And they do NOT taste like they smell.

or what about

A sunny day with a cool breeze - lately we have warmish days with a six million mile an hour "breeze" the kids are cold in short sleeves still. they need coats. A nice warm summer day, that's cooler than a box of crayons.

A set of good knives - way way cooler than crayons. And way more useful.

I wish blogger would ask one of the seventy million blog authors for suggestions for the template layout line. I am sure any one of them could come up with a better tag line!

What about you? Do you know something cooler than a box of crayons?

1 comment:

Sans Pantaloons said...

I know someone cooler than a box of crayons. Bluepaintred.