Sunday, May 06, 2007

You Would Be So Proud

So after last months fiasco with the Tax man, we are determined to be prepared for next year.

To this end we bough some file folders. See, because I run "DayCare" ....Can I call it a day care when I only babysit one child and she is..well she is like one of my own, I have seen her five days a week since she was one year old!

Anyway that doesn't matter. What matters is that the Tax Man said I need to keep track of all of my daycare expenses. I can claim house hold bills, such as energy and water..blah blah. I can also claim any groceries that She eats and cleaning and paper products and what nots.

So. I think I am rambling. Sigh. Anyway I have all of my home bills organized and in the folder and tonight I spent over an hour highlighting and stapling and pushing buttons on the calculator and getting all of the grocery receipts in order.

Did any part of this post make any sense at all?

Any tips for me in regards to organization?

I should go have a nap now, shouldn't I?

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