Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Got Any ideas...

For bath toys? Last November we bought Stuperman this neato pirate ship with little pirates and seamen and treasure chests. We bought plastic dollar store sharks and octopuses and whales and jelly fish for the tub too.

Now, just a few months later all of the arms are off of the wee seamen and pirates, the treasure chests are in three (Or More) pieces and the boat, formerly one large piece, is in about fifty smaller parts, ladders, sail posts a top and a bottom, the port hatches (or whatever they are called)

Now, Stuperman loves pirates and sea things, so I would like to stay int eh same theme, but since the arms are being washed down the drain, which is going to lead to clogged pipes, its time for me to get the old out and the new in.

I do not like traditional bath toys that let in water that let water come in, but not out. They get icky dirty inside.

So.. Any ideas for no traditional bath toys?

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Blogarita said...

Buy a sponge. Name it Bob.