Tuesday, May 22, 2007

the wait

in twenty five minutes my sons new alarm clock will go off. I'm pretty excited. Knowing that I have a back up, even if he is only seven, makes me feel really good.

His alarm clock has two settings, tone and radio. we are trying tone first, in hopes it will wake up the intended boy and not his brother.

The coffee is done. BRB

Mmmmm coffee IS the drink of the Gods.

I bought this late last night on eBay. Heh! I used my gmail email address and eBay finally let me join! excitement I tells ya.

Oh and I am done reading the Harry Potter series. I knew I should have waited till end of June to start them. Actually I was quite surprised with what I had forgotten from the series in the past seven years. I was caught completely off guard when Serius died. Heh. I threw my book down and said I wasn't reading that book nor were we going to bother buying the last one coming out in July either.

and that lasted about twenty seconds...

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