Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Ok A Couple Of problems

the biggest problem I have is With Stuperman. Last night just the tops of his shoulders were sun burnt. It was a bright red, but I did not really worry about it. This morning when he woke up the sunburn had spread past his elbows.

Obviously I did something wrong last night. I put him in a cool bath and had cool cloths on his shoulders as well. I really need to get some aloe, and I REALLY need to remember sunscreen!

My other problem is that last night we were supposed to eat at the In Laws, but they had to go out of town, so they postponed it until tonight. Doesn't sound horribly bad except for the fact that I am going to coffee tonight.

Usually when we go to the In laws, we stay until it is bed time for the kids. Tonight I will have to leave right after supper, and I feel that this is rather rude.

Ordinarily I would just postpone coffee with BFF Kissy until later, after bedtime, but I have to get soem things in the city as well.

I need to find something to wear to a friends wedding that is coming up soon, and I want to get some up to date sunscreen, SPF 3058925 preferably, as well as something to put on Stupes burns.

The burns seem to be bothering me more then him, by the way.

So. What do you think, Should I stay till eight at the in laws and then go to coffee, which means I will have to make a second trip into the city another night this week, or should I make excuses, save the gas and do it all at once tonight.

Postponing coffee to another night doesn't work as we have to schedule our coffee nights around BFF Kissy's work schedule.

Le Sigh.

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