Friday, December 11, 2009

A Rant: Brought to you by the new Light Bulbs

So those enw light bulbs/ the swirly energy efficient ones that are supposed to last for ten years or some shit like that?

They are burned out. Not just one here or one there, but every month one or two die. And it isn't like you can run out to the store and buy the old kind and use those, oh no! Those light bulbs are no longer sold, you HAVE to buy the new ones, and they cost a freaking MINT.

I dunno if you noticed, but bathroom lighting is really important. Walking in to a darkish bathroom makes the whole room seem dirty and small and I hate it.

Two of the tree light sin the light thingy over the dining room table have burned out in the last week. Four of the seven in the bathroom have burned out in the last month.

I never, ever had this kind of problem when I was using the old bulbs, I could easily get six months to a year from them instead of the six weeks (on average) with the new kind!

/end rant

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