Thursday, May 05, 2011


I read the UK online newspaper, the Sun, and today they have a story about a mom who gives her daughter - age seven - botox fillers in the forehead and lips, has tattoo'd her daughters eyebrows, and plans on tattooing her seven year old kids lips next year. And its not illegal!

The mom says she wants her seven year old to be famous like Willow Smith - but the thing is, willow smith is famous 'cus her dad is famous, not becuase her parents inject her with crap and tattoo her innocence away.

Im just shocked as hell this is allowed. To me, its child abuse.

Apparently the mom took a make up course four years ago, and studied botox injections on chat rooms and forums online, so she knows what she is doing (Yeah right!) I could spend day and night on and still know nothing about either supplements OR working out, yet this lady thinks she is qualified to inject her kid with this crap!


A seven year old shouldn't be concerned with her looks at all, yet this one is obsessed, thanks to her mom and It's a damn shame!

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