Thursday, May 05, 2011

kids = LOL

My middle son, Blake (9) had his friend Max over today for the afternoon. At one point the boys decided they were too hot to stay outside and came in. After a bit of television, they wanted juice but I told them they could have water (cus I'm mean, dont'ya know!)

Blake took Max into the bathroom, the boys keep a drinking cup in there, and was going to have max use his cup - i put a stop to that right quick! But while they were in the bathroom, they started making faces in the mirror and Max commented that Blake had dark circles. Blake said "Yeah and I like them cus they make me look like I might be a vampire"


I had let the boys stay up til nearly 12AM last night( no school today) so Blake was noticeably sleep deprived. I was meaner but more sensible tonight, and had them in bed by nine. I have no tips on how to get rid of dark circles and see no need for vampires in the house!

Besides, Blake is having a sleepover tomorrow night, so he will need a good nights sleep tonight!

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