Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today at work I asked the waitress to bring me "anything cold" As she waled away I cursed myself for not thinking to say, "But no root beer" Because I hate root beer!

What never occurred to me, is that she might bring beer beer. Like the alcohol drink, beer. It was over the noon rush, and i didn't figure anyone drinks during the day in real life, it just never occurred to me she might bring that. It was a mix between a lime beer (?) iced tea and seven up. And.. it tasted good, I took a biiiig drink, about an inch, and complemented her on the mix and just as she was getting around to telling me what was in it, my ears started to buzz...uh oh. Beer.

Better call the roadside assistance club because I am very very allergic to beer! Le Sigh.

Lucky, I only had 25 more minuets of work to bumble through, and there was only one order come in while we waited, I spent the majority of the time trying to prep garlic bread, but that scant inch I drank was really wreaking havoc on me. I got home, took off my pants (LOL) and crashed on the couch.

I got up long enough to put pants on when the kids got home and then crashed again til now, 7 pm-ish.

Next time I ask for a cold one, Ima specify NO BEER> root or other wise!

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