Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Not Looking Forward to the Week

Ugg. I like having a job, and I asked for more hours, but I got assigned to work the 10-2 and then the 5-9 shift at work for this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Its not that I don't like the work, I'm actually looking forward to tonight because it's wing night and I know what to do, I am a bit nervous about Wednesday because I think that's burger night and I still don't remember what goes on what burger :(

What I am worried about is how tired I am going to be and how to feed Micah and the boys supper while I am gone. But mostly Im worried about the tireds.

My co-worker Suzie said I got these night shifts because she is on vacation this week, and if thats true and this is a one time thing, great, But in the future Id prefer to work no nights, or if I have too, one per week, max.

Speaking of having a case of the tireds, I snapped this photo the other night. We got back from the in-laws around 11 and all three boys were wiiiiide awake so we rented a movie. Ten minutes into the movie, this is what we saw :


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