Friday, September 30, 2011

Check it out!

I LOVE the way Blogger lets you change the design so easily now! check out my new halloween themed header! it would have been better if I had tiny skinny markers, or even felt pens, instead of the kids school crayola markers LOL

But whatever, it's pretty cute, hey? The one finger, the green one (duh) is a zombie, and he is eating the other fingers brains LMAO

Instead of trying to make money with a Night Audit Clerk Jobs, I think I will hire myself out as a finger painter LOL. I might even splurge on better markers!

I think I will take a photo of the boys in the leaves for November, and of course something Christmassy for December. I'm looking forward to finding a monthly header photo for this blog! I wish my other blogs were this easy to design!

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