Friday, September 30, 2011

Phone advice

I have a first gen LG Rumer. its old, its worn, you cant see the letters on some keys, I've left it out int he rain and its worked for me, and i really love it. When my sister died, it was hers. It was in her purse, it had a log of her text messages - it had one sent from the hospital hours before she passed.

My brother already had a cell phone, so i took it home with me. I waited out her contract because I didn't know her password, and then activated it myself.

BUT I need a new phone. the space bar is really, REALLY temperamental, and I have to really work to convince the phone to work. I don't know a lot about technical stuff. I don;t even know what golf gps reviews golf digest is. is it a book? Is it a machine? I just don't know!

So tell me. Is the LG bliss or LG flick any good? The reviews are mixed online, so what I want is a real person who has owned one, to tell me.


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