Friday, September 30, 2011

Shopping Lists!

So we finally got the Insurance bill in the mail. I've been calling them since May, since the flood, asking what our bill amount was gonna be - once you put in a claim, your insurance goes up :( - I wanted to know what the amount was gonna be so that we could take time and save up to pay it off. Now, September 30th, they finally sent the bill, and we owe damn near 500 bucks. The worst part? it has to be paid in LESS than a month, on October28th.

Luckily, I got a job, unluckily, its a very part time job, 12 hours every payday, at 9;50 an hour, doesn't net you much. BUT, it will pay for half the bill, by the time we need to pay it. Hubs is gonna snag a few hours overtime, and that will pay the rest, but dammit, its not fair. Why are they allowed to give so little time to pay such a big bill? If we had time, we could have set money aside every month and this wouldn't be a stress at all, but even as early as two weeks ago, I had called and asked for a total and they refused. Its fricken MEAN!

SO. Shopping lists! I had plans for my paychecks. The one I get tomorrow I wanted to buy Blakes present from santa, (A long board) the one after, I planned on buying Logans drum set (santa too) then, who knows/ I'm not putting names to stuff, but I wanted to check out luminox watches at too!

Of course, its only September 30th, we have tonnes of time before Christmas, but dammmmn it. I am not happy with my insurance peeps!

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