Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One Down, Two to Go

Well there we go, One split shift down, two to go. My co-worker J is SUPER patient with me, and never looks or acts upset when I ask him the gazzillion questions that I do. LOL.

I did have a thought today, it would be way cool if they got a fake bull for fake bull riding at the bar. How fun would that be? Maybe they are super expensive and my boss would need merchant financing, who knows, but I think it would be a blast!

I worked six hours today (three and three) which is what I worked each of the three first weeks I worked there LOL

Anyway, shower, eat and read my book is whats on my plans for the rest of the night - oh, and watch Glee, my hubby PVR'd it for me :D

i work again at ten AM tommorrow

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