Monday, October 17, 2011


So I survived the split shifts. Barley. By the lat one, I was grouchy, exhausted and had gotten a cold. I still have the cold, but am no longer exhausted. The cold is sucky though. What do people do when they have to work, and have a cold? Am I supposed to call in sick to work? I mean, i work with food and stuff, and I will be coughing and blowing my nose. Now, *I* know that when i cough it will be hygienically, and that i will wash my hands after I blow, but the customers in the dining room might here me cough, and THEY don't know I plan on washing well. Also, What if I get my co-worker sick?

Bah. I will head in, and if I get sent home, then I will know!

I was in the bathroom getting another roll of toilet paper to blow my nose into (HOLY SNOT!!!) and guess what I saw? Yeah. A spider. Little bastard thinks he can come inside MY house to stay warm? I think NOT! Seeing as I didn't have an handy flats fishing guides on hand to stop that MF'er, I uncoiled the central vac hose, plugged it in and sucked that jerk into oblivion. I hope.

Do vacuums really kill spiders? Or have I set a spider death trap in the basement, and my poor husband will go downstairs to empty the central vac thingy and instead be attacked by the spiders I have sucked up?

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