Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Picture Proof

So we are home from vacation! I posted some pics on facebook, some on Bluepaintred, and some just a few minutes ago on Where Was I?.

However, there are some pictures that are NOT going to make online sites. Except this one, just to help "show" my problem.

I had a great time on vacation, But after the first day, when this* was taken, I pretty much refused all other picture opportunities where I was the subject of the photo. I took my laptop with us so that I could empty my memory card each night and was HORRIFIED to see this fat blob prancing around with MY kids, In MY dress.

*this :

Sigh. I knew, realistically, that I was gaining weight, and that because of the weight gain, I naturally looked different, but truthfully, I must be in denial when I look into the mirror because I DO NOT see myself like this. I see a slightly overweight girl, with a few problem areas, but not like this. Not this person with a huge ass and a pregnant looking belly. And when did my arms get so fat?


I need to get a weight loss pill that works, and I need to get ACTIVE.


This has gone on way way too far.

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