Sunday, January 16, 2011

Le Sigh. Candy addict

I sent Parker three doors down to take an insulated coffee mug and a back scratcher to my inlaws, something I had forgotten to send with the boys yesterday when they went on their sleep over.

When he got back home he had a baggie FILLED to the brim with hard candies that my mother in law got on sale at Sobeys. they are the Christmas hards, and they are awesome. I love them, BUT. I am trying, halfheartedly to lose weight. I cant seem to enjoy physical activity so I figured i would cut out sweets, but dammit! I love sugar. And even when I use all my will power to not buy them during shopping so they are not in the house, soemthing like this always happens and I am presented with wonderful sugary candy.

It begs the question, does alli work? Cus maybe the risk of crapping my pants would be worth it....maybe teach me how to say NO when the candy is right in front of my nose :0/

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