Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I measured the back splash in my kitchen today.

It will cost me almost 300.00 to get enough six inch tiles (at 17 cents a piece) to cover it all. and thats just the tile, it doesn't include the grout! Nasty!

Hubs suggested that we use our home depot card to buy the tile and grout and instead of having to pay one big lump sum, we can pay a little every month. I hate the idea, although, If we did that I could update our sinks with new Delta faucets ( I REALLY want one of those faucets with the spray attachment! OMG - life would be awesome with one of those!) (seriously) (No really I have wanted one of those attachments since 1997 - yes, that would be the very first time I moved out of home!) (my dad had one at his house and I really miss it) (although I bet the boys would have water fights like me and my sister did)

Anyway, Home Depot usually has one of those pay before this date and no interest deals going on, so I am sure we could out it on the card and not have to worry about it, I just don't want the extra added monthly bill, you know? Especially when you never know when something ELSE might need to be replaced - like the dishwasher!

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