Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's official. Summer is over. Want to know how I know? It's seven AM and I am up, showered, and dressed.

I have not been up this early in eight weeks - or thereabouts!

Now we have to get the house and yard ready too! The pool has already been drained, but I put it up to dry in the back yard and of course - it started to rain. i still need to get back there and scrub it out, so I guess it is not that horrible that it is wet, after all, I will have to get it wet to scrub it, won't I?

The dog house needs it's light put in and it's door hung. Smokey does not spend a whole lot of time outside in the cold, but if and when she does need to be outside this winter, I want her to be warm. (my dad told me that a lightbulb in the dog house, so long as the dog house is off ground and is solid, with a good door covering, will heat the house up enough for the dog to be comfortable.

I also need to find the patio furniture covers. I misplaced them last year already, and I saw rust on my beautiful bistro table this spring! I thought they were in the furnace room, but we looked for them last year there. I might just have to give in and buy a new set, but I want my table covered!

I am NOT ready for snow. hell. I don't feel ready to send my boys off for another year of school!

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