Saturday, August 16, 2008

Snail Tales

I'm pretty sure Gary is dead.

Gary is one of our two snails, Larry is his tank mate. Their jobs are to clean the various ick the fish, Fishy and Fishum, leave behind.

But tonight when I opened the tank to feed the fish, I saw Larry right away, sliding along the wall of the tank, but I could not see Gary. I turned the tank and saw Gary, lying on his side, - or I saw Gary's shell, I could not see Gary inside the shell at all.

Hubs said to leave him be, that we should use the Wait and See approach.

Between you and me though? I'm worried!

Edited to add : Unfortunately, both Gary and Larry have been given a funeral at sea. We shall have to pick up new snails! or one of those sucker fish. What are those called?


Blogarita said...

Meow. :(

Shelli said...

Plecostomus. That's what one kind is called.

Sorry about your snails.