Friday, August 15, 2008

Speaking of books...

I brought two books along with us camping, but should have brought more as I read both of them before the first day was half done. Luckily hubs brought a series called the Belgariad, and I began immediately reading them!

I am on the last book of the series, its been slow going as I have to wait for hubs to finish his before I can start reading it. As soon as I am done this book, Enchanters End Game, I will move onto the continuation, its a series called the Malloreon.

i am pretty open to the type of book I read, from fantasy/sci-fi, romance, murder mystery's and poetry. What is your favorite book or series that you would recommend for me to read?

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Anonymous said...

Ok, this is a plug, I suppose, but I know a newly published author you should check out. Dana Fredsti is her name and "Murder for Hire: The Peruvean Pigeon" is her first published novel. Murder mystery with a comedy attitude.