Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas is officially over

One would think that this late in January everyone would just assume that of course Christmas is over, what are you insane? Christmas? No way! It's January, but then, if you thought that, you would be wrong - at least in our house!

You see, the boys all got gift cards to various stores. The youngest two were easy to deal with. The littlest one bought games and stuffed animals and a nerf gun and was happy, and the middle guy spent exactly half of his gift card amounts on toys, then requested we purchase the rest of the gift cards from him so that he could save that money for our trip to Edmonton.

Smart kid, huh?

But our oldest was hard. Dude, its not like we were looking for gifts for girls, because believe me, girls are SUPER hard to shop for, no! we were looking for something a 12 year old could spend his money on, and be satisfied, but each time he went to the store he came home with gift cards unspent, until finally, this weekend, when he hit the mall with his daddy and spent his money.

....And so I say, now, on January 17th, Christmas is FINALLY done!

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