Saturday, January 21, 2012


I went shopping tonight with my BFF. We hit quite a few stores, and bought nothing that wasn't on sale! I got a mid thigh wool coat for 20 bucks, and a bunch of shirts regular 20$ for 2.99$ which pleased me.

We also bought stuff like seaweed body cream and a tonne of flavoured lip balms, just because! I Was going to buy some yoga pants, but I put them back because bras were on sale and I finally found a comfortable bra. Because it was comfortable - and I have been searching fro more than a year for one that fits nice, I bought the same bra in four colours, and even when a bra is on sale, they are still pricey things, so the pants had to stay. Next time, there is always a next time!

I am super pumped about the coat though, not just because of the price, but because I have been looking for one like it all winter. I *may* have put on *cough* a bit of weight, and my current coat *might* be tight in the shoulders and the buttons *might* not quite button yeah, pumped about the coat :D

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