Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Knock Knock?

long time since my last post - so much has happened - Christmas (new desktop) My boy got two stripes in Kempo at his term grading, and my job was sold from one owner to another. I'm still working, with the new owners - who are great, but I am working a sight more hours, and as such, I'm often exhausted by ten PM.

I work Monday and Wednesday for 6.5 hours in the day, then I work Thursday for 7 hours in the evening, so really, Compared to what a regular person works, I'm hardly scratching the surface, but for me, its been a real challenge!

As for my depression, I am happy to report that I am doing good, more than good in fact, I am doing great!

In fact just this Saturday I went to my bosses house to attend a "passion party" with my neighbour and co-worker, and I had fun. actual fun. I didnt sit off to the side worried and anxious and feeling like a sore thumb, I felt good. It was awesome!'

I also managed to drive through rush hour traffic with my boy, to a place I;d never been, and not once did I have an anxiety attack! I dunno if I want to hug my doctor who gives me the pills, or the wonderful girls on facebook who supported me and pushed me until I went to the doctors. Probably both LOL

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