Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming up pretty quick here - It's already over in the UK, theirs was on April 3. Last year was the very worst of all Mothers days ever, period. I was at my dad's, helping him plan the funeral for my sister. The Worst.

Actually, yo be honest, Until that Sunday when the kids pulled cards out of the suitcase, I had pretty much forgotten about it, but it was still bad.

This year has be better. I mean, It can't be worse, that's' for damn sure!

I've already hinted QUITE unsubtly that I want one of those mothers necklaces. You know the kind? It has the birth stones of all your kids on it, in whatever arrangement you choose. A family necklace, with Micah's and my own birthstone as well as the kids would be cool too, But I would rather that be a ring.

The boy's birth months are October, April and June, so ...Opal, Diamond and pearl. Wowzers! What a monochromatic necklace that will make! Micah and I are both reds, ruby for me, garnet for him, so if we are added, at least we would have a bit of color LOL

Anyway. We got a sweet tax return, so I am looking forward to this Mother's Day :D

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