Thursday, August 18, 2011

:( <--sad face

Summer is nearly over. It's August 18th, and School starts back up again on the 31st :(

It seems like just yesterday the boys came home with their used up notebooks and broken crayons, but nope, school is nearly in session :(

I wish we had done more this summer. We went camping, we went to the EX, we went swimming at the pool more times than I can count, but we didn't go anywhere big, or special :( You know what would have been fun? Hitting a beach with metal detectors, or going somewhere where we could hike nature trails all day, or best of all, somewhere where they had an ikea!!

(I live that store, LOL)

I even looked up home schooling regulations in this province to see if it was viable, but its just not.I'm gonna miss the kids :( I put my application in at a few places, but if I don't find work, I'm gonna be bored out of my skull again this year :( :(

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