Thursday, November 24, 2011


Something interesting has happened in the last six months. Our family has grown, not in number, but in size.

Before, all three boys fit comfortably on the love seat, with room in between each, for wiggling. Now, they are crammed into that seat like salty sardines, and it ends with one of them laying on the floor.

....And the floor sucks, to tell the truth, no carpet, just wood, so it's not soft at all!

It is time for new furniture in casa del bulepaintred.

Now, I cant ask you for suggestions, i'd end up knowing everything about cheap furniture stores in los angeles, but not have a clue where to go close to home, but what you can help me with is materials.

We have two dogs, one who sheds a LOT. We have one person (me) who hates leather(too hot!) and we have kids,m so nothing light colored.

So is there something that isn't the above, but is still good? Comfortable? Affordable?good option?

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