Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stocking Stuffers

I was very pleasantly surprised the other day when Logan came up to me and explained that he wanted me to buy him a certain book. See, his teacher had read the class the first book in the Dinosaur Cove series, and then she had helped him check the second one out of the library, but the library did not have the third book, and he really wanted to keep reading the series.

This was shocking because it has been a damn hard struggle to get Logan reading, he absolutely hates reading our nightly books. I mean, he has been getting better, he no longer fights and argues when I call him down to read his nightly reading books, but to have him ask me specifically for a book, it was a very very nice thing to hear. Obviously I bought the third book for him, as well as the fourth, I took advantage of my scholastic coupons too! I plan on, if he reads the third and fourth, on buying him the rest of the series. I will do just about anything I can to foster a love of reading in him. I love that my two oldest love curling up with a goof book, and I'd love to have the whole team reading!

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