Thursday, February 24, 2011


OMG how funny.

My sister and brother in law are ridiculously religious. Like, REALLY religious. That is an important point. Please remember it.

Last week they went on a Jamaican vacation. Unfortunately, they didn't check the fine print over too well, and ended up at a CLOTHING OPTIONAL resort.

My sister in law was laying on the beach and looking towards the ocean, She though, "Gee it looks like those men out there are not wearing anything..." and then they turned around and their "dangles were dangling" LOL

Even in the restaurant there were people who ate totally nude!

My sister in law always takes pictures, LOTS of pictures while on vacation, she has to charge her toshiba laptops batteries seventeen times before she can download all her pictures (Joking, that's an exaggeration LOL) But exaggeration aside, she takes a tonne of photos (And we "get" to look at them all, YAY!) so I very VERY much look forward to bugging her about the photos - or lack there of!!

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