Thursday, February 17, 2011

Six weeks, tops

Logan was complaining about the cold today - he had reason too, it was -28 and very very windy. I told him to buck up because it's the middle of February already, we have 12 days or so to go and we are into march. march is the last "cold" month. April can be chilly but its usually not cold, and when it IS< It is one day of cold to a week of cool.

Six weeks at the most before we have springy weather. Don't look for me to get out some zamberlan hiking boots, because I;m not that kind of girl, but dammit, I picked up a sweeeeet lounge chair for my back yard last fall, and I am super anxious to get out there and use it! YAY!

It is supposed to be cold all weekend, then warm up, -9ish for the next week, and in my books, -9 is effin AWESOME!!

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