Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spacing out

This morning after the boys left for school I let the water run and had a nice hot steamy bubble bath. When i was sufficiently wrinkled I put my bookmark in my book and go out. I would have stayed in longer but I had crap to do LOL.

see, this weekend is my oldest sons birthday. Little brat is gonna be eleven. how on earth did THAT happen?

I pulled up my recipe for marshmallow fondant and started on that first. I've only ever made fondant once before and did not have a fun time with it, but for the cake we are doing we figured fondant was going to be the best option. It keeps well in the fridge, or so the internet tells me, so it is OK to make it in advance like this.

After that I made some pies (apple) but not for the party, just for desert tonight lol.

My problem today is that when I came to my laptop and tried to open the file marked "Parker's Party" it was gone!! I had deleted it. This means that I don't have any idea what time we told the other kids to get here by. Dammit!

I know it is this weekend, and I am almost one hundred percent positive it is Saturday , but what time? Oh man! I'm so spacey lately that maybe the best thing for me to do, would be to locate some Outer Banks vacation rentals and book myself in for a week or two (or three!)

What am I going to forget next? Their names? Where I live?


Pee ess: check out Logan's new turtle jammies! Do you remember the Ninja Turtles??

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