Wednesday, October 13, 2010

*SHHHHH!* Secret post!

My husband doesn't read Paint!, which is great, cus i can blab to the world about his Christmas and birthday gifts and he has no clue!

I got him a bacon wallet. Yes. I did. And now you know it, and I know it and the cat knows it, but he does not.

Other people who do not read this blog? heheheh Their tough luck, maybe next time they will read when I say "Hey! Go read my blog!"

I want your opinion on something. We like to give little gifts - stocking stuffers- to everyone at Christmas, This year i was thinking about getting personalized rubber stamps with the recipients mailing address on it.

I talked to Micah about it and he said that it was a silly idea because everyone uses email, no one mails letters, but I know myself that I mail cards and gifts and other things that require my return address, so I assume others do as well!

If you had a rubber stamp with your address on it would you use it?

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