Thursday, October 28, 2010


We have a birthday in our home every three months - with the exception of mine, which occurs 5 days after Logans', in July. Micah January, Parker October, Blake April, Logan June. And me, as i said, July.

I enjoy making sure that cakes are made for Birthdays, Even Micah's, and in return, my husband makes sure I have a cake too. This of course means any weight loss plans I have must run for only 2 months and 29 days, becuase on that third month, Im getting my Cake On, Baby!

For the children, we make both a birthday cake for home (often two home birthday cakes, as we tend to celebrate once with my husbands folks and once with mine.) and we also make either a cake or cupcakes for them to take to school.

here are Parker's School Cuppycakes :D Being born October 29th makes it super fun to do his cakes and et el, LOL

First we (Meaning I) (Let me say, Micah usually helps 50% or more on these cakes/cupcakes, but this one was so damn easy, he sat this one out.) First I made the cats. Using candy wafers (bought at a craft store, you melt them) I used wax paper over a printed template, and "drew" the cats on with the melted candy. Then, while the candy was still wet, I covered them liberally with black sugar sprinkles. When they set, I knock off the excess sprinkles.

Here is a finished cat. They are VERY delicate. The break quite easily, so always always always make more of whatever you are making with the wafer, that you will need. I made 45 cats for 30 cupcakes and ended up having to use broken cats anyway. They. Break.EASY

I cut the tops of the cupcakes off to make them flat(er) (I cut crooked on a lot, which broke a few cats) After cutting the cupcakes I crumb coated them, heated the icing in a glass bowl and dipped the cupcakes in to coat them.

I put them in the fridge to let the icing set so the hot icing would not melt the candy cats in any way. once they were cooled, I piped a dot of icing on the backs of the cats and stuck them on the yellow cupcakes.


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